The most special moments in your life, are often marked by the most precious mementos that accompany them. d’Mart Exclusif has been the leading purveyor of the most exquisite gifts, which have become a part of these precious moments and epitomize them in specially hand crafted gifts that endure for years to come.

Covering a rich repertoire of gifts that are there for every occasion; IOTA brings a legacy of design and craftsmanship. These items can range from home accessories, to rare and precious objects d’art, and the most enduring and compassionate line of deities to bring radiance and divinity to each home. Keeping abreast with current trends in sophisticated and memorable wedding invites, d’Mart Exclusif has also introduced a fabulous range of silver plated gift boxes, with framed tops for the invitation. These boxes can then be filled with dry fruits, or sweets, to create a distinctive and personalized invitation.

Yet, wedding gifts, require thought, and care when being chosen. There are some never fail items, that can bring a smile to the newlyweds or fill their hearts with joy. Among the most preferred gifts are deities, from the auspicious Ganeshji, to a frolicking Radha-Krishna. If you want to make the gift more personal, then a jewelry box with exquisite engraving or enamel work makes for a wonderful item as well. Other personal favorites include bowls, candle stands, gift trays and nut bowls etc to help the newlyweds set up home.

The hallmark of each gift from IOTA is an enduring legacy of quality and craftsmanship. These items are also beautifully packaged, in the rich and royal blue colours, with the hallmark of the brand, ensuring the authenticity and pedigree of each item. This wedding season, create a lifetime of memories, gift from IOTA.